March 11th


Friday night was our PTA’s spring fundraiser and those of you who attended know what a great event it was. Bonita Canyon took over the Turnip Rose in Costa Mesa and made our presence known. We had a wonderful time and raised money to continue to give our students a special experience and move our school in to the future.

We want to give a special thank you to Tracy Hertstein, Sherri Mirejovsky and their team. The auctions and whole evening went off without a hitch thanks to their hard work. Thank you and we can’t wait until next year. I’m sure the staff we’ll find a great use for the piñata.

BC Representing at State Geography Bee

Congratulations to 5th grade student, Michael Wen. Michael is the FIRST EVER BC student to make it to the State Finals. We all wish him well in Fresno this coming April 6.

Floral Arrangement Class Coming to Bonita Canyon

Come join us and learn how to create a small vase arrangement and support our wonderful BC support staff. Each handmade arrangement will be given to the front office and support staff at Bonita Canyon as a small “thank you” gift from the BC Multicultural Club. Class will be led by Ms. Emilie Albert.

District 6th Grade Science Fair Results

Thank you for supporting our students throughout the science fair process. The California science standards (NGSS) are rigorous and integrate science, engineering, math, technology, language arts, and visual arts. Nothing exemplifies the practices of science and engineering better than a well done inquiry or engineering investigation. These BC students are to be commended for their effort to make a difference in the lives of people.

Grass Galore

Riley Hertstein David Chen Nikki Azarafza

1st Place

Light Your Way To Success

Leah Schulman Grace Noyes Chloe Lin Lin

2nd Place

Bacteria Environment

Keith Yang Cody Cascalla Christopher Tsukada

2nd Place

Solar Panel Buffs

Daniel Verdolaga Joshua Paik Gavin Hilgeman


Boys Vs. Girls: Do Boys or Girls Raise Their Hands More and Does A Teacher Strategy Affect Results?

Rowan Olson Grace Maruyama


Cookies and Milk

Maya Breen Mary Maruyama Marie Choi



Baran Daliri Alexandra Suttner Qu Annie


Cereal Killers

Sorelle Kreter Gracie Stevens Arpi Gharadaghian


Laser Accuracy

Dina Kruglyak Noa Goren Mareena Spieker


Orbeez Osmosis

Halle Parker Janice Fang


BC Pet Film Festival

Is your dog cute? Is your cat talented? Do you have a special animal friend? Do people say, “Hey, that pet should be in the movies!”? This is your opportunity to showcase the special pet. Write a short script, get your production crew together and create your short film!