February 9th

Thanks to Mrs. Marquand and our 6th grade leaders for another fun Jump Rope for Heart day on Wednesday. Not only did the students get out and jump, they have thousands of dollars for the American Heart Association. This is just another way we can show our students that giving back can be fun and rewarding.

Morning Drop Off and Pickup – Sundance Edition

Be kind – we’ve all got somewhere to go. Remember that we don’t allow ANY crossing of Sundance except at the crosswalk at the bottom of the hill. People aren’t always paying attention and we do not want anyone to get hurt. If your late, use the crosswalk anyway, you’re already late, don’t get hurt as well.

Secondly, the curbside drop off and pick up is just that, not parking. Be respectful of others and do not park and especially do not leave your car. This curbside is intended to help everyone drop off and pick up quickly and safely. “The white zone is for loading and unloading of passengers only – No Parking.”

Survey Time

We are sending out surveys and questionnaires often this time of year. Please fill them out when you get them. All of the information we are gathering helps us to continue to improve Bonita Canyon for your children. They are important and I thank you for spending the time to help us out.