March 25th


April 25, 2018

We are deep in to our spring fun with our break right around the corner. School is so much fun and this time of year we get to start celebrating all the hard work you children have done. Please check the calendar for events we have coming up and we’ll see you around school.

Recently we had an extensive disaster simulation drill. The students and staff did a fantastic job exiting the school safely. We practiced our search and rescue procedures, student supervision practices and first aid setup. In addition, we debuted our new reunification protocol. Overall, it went very well. Thank you to our primary families that help us practice, you did a great job.

Also, this week is Spring Conference Week and students are let out at 1:28 every day this week. Please make arrangements for pick up if need be.

Enforcement at Morning Drop off – Sundance

You have seen the new signage on Sundance, if you drop off in the morning, designed to help our traffic issues. The rules for drop off have not changed, we are just attempting to police them more diligently. The new signs will ask you to NOT drop your students off until you reach the drop off area. This section of curb has a sign showing where the drop off area starts.

NO student should be dropped off before reaching this section of curb.

Also, no adult should exit their car during drop off on Sundance. Your child should exit on their own. We will have an adult at the curb as often as possible for now to help your child/children exit your car safely. This will help keep the line moving and the top of the hill should become a safer place to make the U-turn.

If folks dropping off show a little patience, this will make the drop off faster and safer for everyone out there. Please do your part in following the protocols. Thank you.

CPK Dining Cards

We hope you are all using your CPK Dining cards. Please remember to have your server write on the receipt that you are from Bonita Canyon to ensure that the donation gets back to the school. These cards are good until June 8th, so go and enjoy some pizza while supporting your school.

IPSF Summer Enrichment Academy

IPSF offers Summer Enrichment Academy each summer for your children. Registration opened this past Monday and classes are filling up quickly. We want everyone to get the classes they want, so sign up soon. Flyers are available in the school office.

Spring Parenting Classes

IUSD’s Spring Parenting Education Classes begin April 23rd. The classes include Helping Your Child Succeed in School, Active Parenting Now and Active Parenting of Teens. The link below has all the pertinent information.