BC closed to students March 16- April 3rd due to Covid-19

Important news from our Principal, Mr. Pace: The latest information from Superintendent Terry Walker is that our school will be closed until April 6th. If you haven’t read Mr. Walker’s letter, it is linked HERE.  Please make yourself familiar with this communication.

On Monday and Tuesday (March 16 & 17th) our teachers will be working together to plan for Emergency Distance Learning (EDL).  The goal is that they will provide plans for all students to have instruction from March 18th – March 27th.  We will have a better idea of what this will look like after our teachers have the opportunity to work together.  It was my understanding that Governor Newsom is scheduled to make an announcement today to give us more clarification on the direction schools should be taking.  If anything changes from what I just described, we will inform you quickly.

Things we have answers to right now:

  • The office will be open from 8 am – 2 pm every day (Only come if it’s absolutely necessary)
  • New registrations need to make an appointment with Lucy
  • Teachers will communicate with their classes on Tuesday

Corey Pace (ref: email sent to BC parents March 13th at 6:06 pm)