BC closed to students for remainder of school year due to Covid-19

For the most up to date Covid-19-related news visit the IUSD site HERE. On this page you will find updates, information and resources for students and families, frequently asked questions (FAQ), links to expert health agencies, and an archive of District communications in English, Arabic, Farsi, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin (simplified and traditional), and Spanish.

Our school days until the end of the year will be via Emergency Distance Learning. During EDL days, students engage remotely in meaningful learning activities that support and continue current classroom learning. Using curriculum tools and technology, our teachers provide opportunities for students to both ask questions and receive feedback on their learning. The overarching goal of an Emergency Distance Learning Day is continuity of learning and the preservation of academic growth and progress. For more info on EDL click HERE.

Please look out for ongoing communication from your child’s teachers and Mr. Pace via email. We are all in this together! Take care BC!