BC Spotlight: Irene Kim and Rhea Weiss

We would like to take a moment and shine the spotlight on two incredible BC volunteers, Irene Kim and Rhea Weiss. Have you noticed all of our awesome and cool new spirit wear?!? Irene and Rhea are our Spirit Wear co-chairs who rolled out all of our new BC gear this year. We are appreciative of volunteers like Irene and Rhea, who not only take on big jobs like spirit wear, but also volunteer their time in the classroom and at various BC events. Enjoy getting to know these amazing moms more.

1) What are your kids names, grades and teachers?

IK:  Brayden Kim (5th grade – Derby) and Olivia Kim (1st grade – Hinkle)  RW: Emeline: first grade with Mrs. Oehlman, Matilyn: pre-k and Devin: 1 year old

2) What is your favorite thing about Bonita Canyon?

IK:  The small close-knit community of families and teachers that we have make this school feel very warm and special. RW: The families and friends my husband and I have made as well as the friends my children have made thus far. I look forward to meeting even more people throughout the years we attend Bonita Canyon.

3) The new BC Spirit Wear is amazing! Do you have any other positions on the PTA?

IK:  I’m also in charge of the Multicultural Club this year.  RW: No other position, just a member :).

4) Does your family have a favorite tv show?

IK:  Dodger baseball games and Shark Tank  RW: Football!

5) Please share something that your family likes to do together?

IK:  Bike riding together and trying new restaurants  RW: Going to Disneyland.

6) Does your family have any pets?

IK:  Lots of bunnies, puppies, bears, penguins and unicorns…. all of the stuffed variety  RW: A dog named, Chloe

7) What do you do when that kids are at school?

IK:  I work full-time as an attorney at a large law firm.  RW: I hang out with my 4 year old and 1 year olds. We like to go to the park, swimming, the gym, the library…

8) Do you have a recipe that your family loves when you make it?

IK:  Creamed corn and butternut squash cake  RW: Stuffed bell peppers

9) Is there anything about you that you think BC Families would be surprised to know?

IK:  I used to have a photographic memory when it came to numbers, but after 2 kids, I can barely remember my own phone number.  RW:I played softball as a pitcher for over 10 years and just got back in to it last year by joining an Irvine co-ed slow pitch team.